First Night Expectations for Athletes

Now that our season is just about to begin, here are a few things to consider and accomplish when you arrive for your first night on the hill…

When You Arrive:

Please note: If possible, try to arrive by 6:00pm on the night of our first session if you have not already picked up your DASA Pass for this season. If you are still needing to pick up your DASA Pass, please make sure your first stop is at the front office inside Hidden Valley’s main lodge. To get there, you will walk inside the main building past the ticket windows. The reception area immediately to your left will be where you need to pick up your pass. After taking a quick picture and signing Hidden Valley’s waiver (if not done so online), you will be ready to check-in with us.

Unlike previous seasons, our check-in station will be located inside the main lodge – rather than the rental facility. On our first night, we will make sure that all DASA paperwork is current and complete, and then proceed to the process of pairing up athletes with volunteers. Once paired, it is off to the rental building and/or DASA equipment locker to get ready for the hill. We ask that any guardians attending with athletes accompany our volunteers through this step to assist with acquiring gear, and to help provide any additional information that may be helpful for a safe and successful lesson.

Once athletes are ready for the hill, any guardians in attendance are welcome to watch from a safe distance outside or hangout inside the lodge until our session is complete. Guardians that are participating as a volunteer instructor will either accompany their athlete during their lesson, or may be paired with a different athlete under some circumstances.

Once our session is complete, or an athlete is ready to be finished for the evening, our volunteer instructors will guide them through the process of returning any rental equipment. Once gear is returned, an athlete will be ready to go home and brought back to their guardian if attending with one.

Until we have a few weeks under our belt, it is likely that our road to getting everyone set up and familiar with our process may be a bit bumpy. We ask for your patience during the early part of our season, and will assure you that things are likely to go much smoother as we move forward. If you have any questions, please email