Inclement Weather Policy

During our Winter season here in St. Louis, we are likely to experience a wide variety of conditions and temperatures. We will do our best to make sure that we get as much skiing and riding in as possible, but there may still be times during which we are forced to cancel sessions. The following information is provided to give a glimpse into what is considered when we are making such decisions.

The most common reasons we are forced to cancel sessions typically involves dangerous road conditions, severely cold temperatures, or other weather related circumstances. When cancelling due to road conditions, most of our decisions are based on advisories from MODOT and the decisions of neighboring schools and institutions to cancel programs or close facilities in the Wildwood and Eureka areas. When wind chill factors and temperatures plummet into potentially hazardous ranges, we take into consideration the many athletes of whom are particularly susceptible to such factors.

On the other hand, our region may experience warm and balmy weather conditions over extended periods of time, too. When this occurs, our precious snow base suffers and Hidden Valley is unable to replenish what has been lost. Decisions to cancel sessions as a result of these circumstances may be due to the suspension of operations by Hidden Valley, or DASA may deem conditions on the hill to be unsafe for our participants.

Please use your own discretion…

Skiing and snowboarding are Winter sports, and cold and snow should be expected with participation. Safety is our number one priority, followed immediately by having fun. If you ever deem conditions to be too questionable or undesirable, please use your own discretion when determining whether or not to attend a scheduled session. We do ask, however, that you notify us as early as possible before missing a session. You can do so by simply sending an email to

All decisions to cancel sessions will be communicated via email, and posted on our home page and program social media accounts by noon of the day the event is scheduled. Please remember to check for updates prior to venturing out to the hill.