What to Wear & Bring With You…

When attending each week, it is important to be adequately dressed for the current conditions. Here are some guidelines on what to wear and bring with you for every session.

A waterproof shell (jacket & pants), gloves, boots, and pants are all essential to being comfortable on the hill. It is always a great idea to wear several layers so that some can be shed if necessary. A single pair of good, warm ski socks will help with keeping your feet as warm as possible, too. For those of us using sit skis, keep in mind that a lack of good circulation as a result of preexisting conditions as well as the nature of using the device increases the likelihood of a stronger influence from the cold. 

Goggles are not always necessary, but they do offer great protection from the elements! If temperatures fall below 28 degrees, it is possible that Hidden Valley will fire up the snow makers. 

Helmets can be provided if needed, but we always encourage having your own to ensure and maintain the best fit. Everyone must wear a helmet while participating! If one is needed, please visit our storage locker located just outside the rental facility and near the surface lift (magic carpet). Hidden Valley’s are not included in the rental fee. See our Helmet Policy for more information on wearing helmets in our program.

Always have your DASA Pass on you at all times when participating on the hill. If you would prefer to leave it in a personal bag or with a guardian/friend off of the hill, you can pick up a traditional lift pass ticket each night at the ticket windows outside of the lodge – just present your DASA Pass to the attendant.

Finally, for those of us that have our own skis, boots, and boards, you will not want to forget them! If going in and out of the rental building while you are with us, please make sure that you always leave skis and boards outside on one of the many racks nearby.